Get an overview of the latest technologies in the sensor industry in just an hour! In a rapid quickfire, leading vendors will take the stage to talk about and show their exciting new products.

Participating Vendors

Coto's RedRock TMR (Magnetic) Based Sensors Facilitate Next-Gen Medical
William Gotschewski
Vice President, Sales & Marketing

Conquering the Evolution of Biomedical Testing
Tom Kearns
District Sales Manager

Enabling a Healthier World with Maxim's hSensor Platform
John DiCristina
Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, Product Definition for Industrial & Healthcare

Custom Glass and Ceramic Components
Michelle DeCastro
National Sales Manager

Software - The Forgotten Piece
Michael Pliskin

Engineering Profound MEMS Solutions
Paul Pickering
VP Business Development and CRO

Why Microchip for Medical Designs?
Marten L. Smith
Manager, Medical Products Group

Temperature Sensor Design Solutions
Dr. Robert Harrington

Pressure Sensors in Medical Applications
David Ezekiel
Vice President

ZL70550 Ultra-Low-Power Transceiver:  Combining Wireless Technology Advances with Smart Wearables for Remote Patient Monitoring and Disease Management
Herman Morales
Business Development Manager, Ultra Low Power Medical Wireless